February 18, 2007

Museum Visit

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February 13, 2007

I Have A Goal

I will submit a short story to the Current Magazine Fiction and Poetry contest. The deadline is March 1st. I wrote the story quite a while ago, and it's already been through a first revision. I'm working on my second revision, and intend to send it out Thursday next week.

I will accomplish this goal.

The story is called Less is More and it's a fun little journey of weirdness. Here's the opening:

Jon was a different man. Jon knew he was better off without his toes, his left arm, and his ears. He was better off without his left leg, and his right leg. He was sure he'd be nearly perfect without his torso.

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February 10, 2007

Henry Sings

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February 08, 2007

Bad Connection

The past couple of days we've had almost no internet connection at home, so while I've been recording some video to share with you, I can't. I'm really excited about being set up to post at Youtube.com, and I'm feeling almost addicted to it right now. Anything you want to find a movie of, it's on YouTube. My favorite thing to explore is the Rubes Goldberg machines. Super fun.

So, the moral is, I have video, you will watch it...once our connection is back together.

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February 05, 2007

Marion on YouTube

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February 02, 2007

Freelance Fathering

About a year ago I taught a couple of workshops for expectant fathers, and was involved in discussions with a group that was interested in having me teach more regularly. Nothing came of it because of issues with funding, but the wind appears to be shifting now. Shifting rapidly. It appears I'm going to be running a three session course for expectant fathers, starting in the first week of March.

The past two nights I've been working on putting together an outline for the course, and it's been fun. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the classes in quite a while, because I didn't expect anything to come of it, but putting the time in now has really felt good. I'm going to help other men to be involved in the birth of their child. I really can help, even if I don't know everything.

And I'm gonna get paid. That is, as long as people sign up to attend. I think they will.

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