January 27, 2007

Mr. Mustache

Marion: "I don't want kisses though."
Daddy: "Is it because my mustache is pokey?"
Marion: "Uh huh."
Daddy: "If I didn't have a mustache, would you want kisses?"
Marion: "Uh huh."
Daddy: "We'll have to think about that."
Daddy moves off to start cooking, a few moments pass.
Marion: "Time to shave your mustache, Daddy."

Yikes. Seriously. My mustache? The thing that makes me a man, a real hairy man. Can I, should I? Yikes. Earl Hickey (from My Name is Earl) knows the importance of looking like Magnum P.I., and so do I. But kisses from your daughter, that's a pretty big incentive.

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January 22, 2007

Meat Stealing?

According to a Slate.com article, the most shoplifted item in grocery stores is meat. This is a surprise to me, as I would expect it to be something smaller, and not as...fleshy and kinda gross. I mean, are people really putting packs of ground chuck in their purses?


You Can't Find Me, I'm Not Here

So, apparently I gave away all of my blogging behavior to others as Christmas presents. It's possible that it will return, but I'm just not feeling it now.

Things are going well. I'm just not bloggin' it up.