June 30, 2006

To the Tune of 'Slow Hand'

You need a man with a slow blog.
You need a man who doesn't type much.
You need a blogger who will waste your time,
Not post amazing content in a blogging rush.
You want somebody who treats you like a log,
When it comes to posts, you want a slow blog.

June 26, 2006

Conversations are Great

Me: "Marion, where are daddy's keys?"
Marion: "Big keys."
Me: "Yes, big keys, where are they?"
Marion: "Alllll gone!"


I'm wearing my MisterCrazy.com t-shirt today, and this is the first time that Marion has spontaneously said "Ben" and pointed at the picture of Ben on the shirt. She then said, "big geek". She's so smart.

June 22, 2006

Birthday Present

Might be enough to make a daddy cry.

June 19, 2006

Working is Weird

Did I already tell you that I'm working part time for the company that Keleigh works for? It's wierd. I haven't been in an office to work in about a year and a half, and going back, even for just four hours, is really strange. It's so quiet, and sedentary. I could gain 15-20 pounds easy.

All I've been doing is sitting and reading (learning a programming language; Python). So I sit, I read, I drink water, I eat snacky things, and I go to the bathroom. For four hours. Crazy.

I suppose I'd get used to it again, but it's a system shock for a stay-at-home dad. I'll only be doing this for four months, and I do enjoy the chance to use my logic-brain, but I really don't see myself wanting to be in the office routine again.

I'm glad I found my career.

June 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Henry!

One year ago today, Henry was born at 11:57am, changing the course of our family forever. We've been loving and hving fun with our little son/brother ever since.

This guy's fun!

And messy too!

You have six teeth, you're walking, and you make very cute doggy and kitty noises. We've had quite a time in your first year, and I'm looking forward to what year two has in store. It's been tougher for daddy with two kids, but it's worth it, and I really love having you around. Let's keep it up.

June 08, 2006

Summer Walk

Marion's friend Maya came over to play last week, and boy did they have fun!

We even found snow to play with in the summertime!

June 06, 2006

So, About That Job...

We've known about the possibility for quite a while, and we were waiting to hear for sure, and we now have:

The company that Keleigh works for is going into hibernation in October. This means that they won't have any money to pay salaries. This means, as you might have been able to figure out, that we're out of an income after September.

Now, that's all well and good, except when you remember that she's the only one making any money. So, we're on the find-a-job track now. Both of us are looking, and I'll take something if I get an offer before her and it's the right fit. We'll see how things shake out over the next few months.

On a related note, I'm going to get the chance to do some work for Keleigh's company, which will be nice for the time that it's available. They need someone to help with some programming, and the job fits my skills better than Keleigh's, so I'll be taking some of her work-hours. It'll be nice to be exercising that side of my brain, and it'll be great for Keleigh and the kids to have the time together.

Anybody want to pay us lots of money starting on October?

June 02, 2006

New Diplomacy Rankings!

I just noticed that the online diplomacy rankings that I'm a part of have been updated (for the first time since January of '04, I believe). I don't even remember where I was in the last rankings, but I'm 803rd now, which doesn't sound very good until you see that there are 22100 players ranked. I'm in the top 4% now.

Although...looking at it, I'm not sure it's completely up to date. It says that I haven't played a game on this system since July of 2004. Huh.

Well, anyway, I'm doing good in Dip, overall. Just in case you wanted to know.

Gather Round the TV! (No thanks)

According to "The Media Family" study, 80 percent of children under age 6 watch an average of two hours of TV per day.

This is from a BusinessWeek article, and it astounds me. Now, I'm not parenting expert, but this seems like a bad idea to me. When you add this to what I heard from Slate.com's podcast, that about 20% of 0-2 year olds have a TV in their bedroom, I think we're gonna have to pin this one on the parents, not the kids.

Even the very conservative American Association of Pediatrics recommends -zero- TV for children under two.

TV is not your friend. These children watching many many commercials. Please, make it stop.