April 30, 2006

Writing Retreat

Keleigh signed me up for a writing retreat that was held this past Saturday. I didn't really have any idea what to expect, but it turned out to be wonderful. I wrote for hours on end, and while I was distracted at times, I really did it. I wrote for almost seven straight hours. The story that I posted earlier (it still doesn't have a name), is now finished.

I wrote over 5000 words at the retreat, and I'm really pleased with the first draft, and I hope I'll get the chance to do some revisions and send it off to some magazines. Maybe someone will want to print it, and give me a few dollars. That'd be great. If not, eh, it's not so bad. I'm happy with the story, and that's enough.

So, you want to read it? Let me know, and I'll send it on. I might post the whole thing once I've done some revisions, but that'll be a while.

If you're in the southeast michigan area, and you're a writer that needs a jump-start, you should get in touch with Dave Storer. He's the creativity coach that organized this retreat, and he's already been a big help.

April 25, 2006

New Short Story

It's not done, and I don't expect it to be done for at least a week, but I thought I'd put it out here, just to let you know that I'm writing. I'm writing a short story because I have permission to write, and it's good for me. If I'm writing, it means that I have some kind of creative output, and that makes me a better person all around.

If you like the beginning and you want to see more, or you just like the idea of me writing, give your thanks to Keleigh. She went out of her way to tell me that she values my writing, and I really appreciate it. It really means a lot to me.

Unnamed (unfinished) Short Story

Saturn Sold

While I'm still holding my breath a little bit about this, I do believe that the Saturn is officially sold. A guy found it on craigslist.org (a great free site for classified advertising as well as some other stuff), and put in an offer on it a couple hours after he drove it. The offer was just what I was looking for, so there was much rejoicing.

He's a doctor, and he's off to Haiti right now, but I've asked him to mail me a deposit to keep the car off the market until he gets back (this upcoming Monday) and he said he would. I have every reason to believe that he's genuine, but until the car is gone, I'm going to hold my breath a little.

We've had it for sale for quite a while now, since somewhere in February, and I'm ready to see it go. It's been a good car, but I'm done with it, and I'm happy that it's going to someone who's changing cars for better gas mileage (going from a truck, a Toyota Tundra I believe, to the 33mpg Saturn SL2).

April 21, 2006

The Slide (Weeee) Addiction


April 19, 2006

Poem for Marion and Henry

It's National Poetry Month, or something like that. I wrote a poem this afternoon. I don't like poetry. Weird.

Two little souls
dsicovering, as I
watch from my chair.
Pouring water on dandylions,
one crawling, one running
on the not-yet-green grass.
They show my why
we live, and love them.

April 17, 2006

Thanks for the Camera

Wee! Ask and ye shall receive.

Bob was kind enough to send us his backup digital camera, and we've begun taking pictures again. I have to find a cable that works with the camera, but I'm sure I one somewhere. Once that happens, you'll have pictures again.

Thanks Bob!

April 12, 2006

Crazy Things for Free Pictures

Welcome to the free photo booth, to activate the free photos, please take off your shirt.

Video from video.google.com.
Funny from people.

April 11, 2006

Camera, Seriously

If anyone wants to see more posts, and therefore see more pictures of cute babies, feel free to send us the digital camera that you're not using. We are going to buy one some day, but with the house up for sale, we want to hold off on spending right now.

I feel so limited without my Olympus C700 Ultra Zoom.

April 04, 2006

Letterboxing with Kids

Letterboxing, if you're not familiar with it, is kinda like going out on a scavenger hunt. You get clues from a website (www.letterboxing.org), and then you go out for a walk to find the hidden box. Inside is a rubber stamp and a blank book. You stamp your book with the box's stamp, and put your stamp on the blank book. It's fun, in the weird-thing-to-do kind of way. Ed (one of my former co-workers) and I did one of them a couple years ago, but I've been dormant since then.

Things change though, and today Marion, Henry, and I went out to find a box. They had a nice walk outside, and I got to find the letterbox. We saw the geese and swans, and Marion really enjoyed saying 'Hi' to everyone that walked or jogged past us.

Here's a little movie that I took on my phone/camera of Marion standing next to the log where the letterbox was hidden.

Potty By Herself

About two weeks ago, Marion went up to the bathroom and when I got up there she told me to "Go". She then climbed up on the potty and peed. By herself. At 22 months old.

Since then she's been doing this quite consistantly, and we've moved from her wearing diapers about 10% of her waking time (only on outings), to not wearing diapers at all during her waking time. She tells me when she needs to go potty, and we go.

I haven't changed a poopy Marion diaper in about six months (she's very good about getting to the potty for poo), and now I don't have to worry about pee either. She still pees in an overnight diaper most of the time, and sometimes during nap diapers, but that's only 2 diapers a day at most. It's wonderful.

Thank you Elimination Communication, and Diaper Free Baby.