January 31, 2006

We're On the Move

Ask me three weeks ago how long I'd live in this house, and I would have given you an answer of; "three to five more years."

Ask me within the past two weeks, and I'd answer; "Want to buy my house?"

We found, almost by accident, a great community that we want to move into, so we've put our house on the market. We love this house, but we're willing to change to make things better for the family, and we can do that by moving to the other side of Ann Arbor.

If anyone is interested, or knows someone else that is looking for a home, let me know. You can find the house at forsalebyowner.com, house number 20585280.

January 26, 2006

The Camera Has Returned

We spent too much on the memory card for this camera, but because production of the SmartMedia cards has been cut off, we don't really have a choice. There are only a few brick-and-mortar retailers that still have any, and the inventory even at internet dealers is very low.

What can we do though? We had to either buy a new camera or a new card, and while the card was expensive, it wasn't as expensive as a new camera (where we'd have to buy memory for that too). And our camera takes nice pictures, we're happy with it, it's part of the family.

And how cute are those babies?! Seriously.

January 24, 2006

We's Gonna Be Shut Down

I don't know what day it's going to happen, but unless I get off my I-don't-want-to-spend-money thing, this site is gonna be shut down. Like, in days. My term with the hosting company (and hostingplex.com has done a fine job, no regrets there) ends very soon, but I haven't gotten around to paying them for another year.

I was thinking of changing to another domain name, as you may remember, and that's delayed me. I still hope to change names, but I will probably keep this name around for a while.

Stick around, I swear to you that I will, sometime soon, have this all together. I'll get things back in order and start posting again (once I get a card for the camera it'll be easier).

Things are so busy right now, so much is going on, and I'm feeling tired when I get the chance to write, so I just don't do it.

January 21, 2006

Complete Weirdness, From Brawny?

Now, I'm all for strange things on the web, but this is woooo-weee-shooo-nooo.

Weird. And from a paper towel company.

January 19, 2006

Life is Fast, Blog is Slow

I feel like I don't have the energy right now to put into a good post here. It's doubly hard without a working camera (-really- have to buy a new smartmedia card). Let me just say that things are going wonderfully around here, and it's going to be exciting for the next few months. I hope to have you on board.

In other, and completely unrelated, news; I didn't get a W-2 this year. How cool is that? My first zero gross pay year since I was 16.

January 17, 2006

The Books! (Picture!)

Never been cooler. If you ordered one, and you've paid for shipping, I should be able to get it out to you soon. If you didn't pay for shipping, I hope to see you soon. If you haven't paid at all, send me some cash.

I'm excited for you to read it!

I'm So Honored

If you look up 'fruitless' on AskJeeves.com, OpenAppleDumb.com is the first of 948,700 sites referenced. What an honor!

And, second place in coolness:
If you look up 'Milk Hip Hop Campaign', on Google.ca (Canada), with the 'Sites From Canada' option clicked (and I'm not from Canada), I'm first.

January 16, 2006

CD Sets For Sale

Because I listen to Yahoo's Launchcast all the time, I never get the chance to listen to my CDs, and I don't miss them. Because I don't miss them, I am selling a lot of them. I'm not going to post a giant list, but here are two sets that might interest someone:

They Might Be Giants (8 discs, or 9 if I can find Apollo 18) $28
They Might Be Giants
Why Does The Sun Shine?
John Henry
Factory Showroom
(Volume 1 & 2)

R.E.M. (14 discs, or more if I can find other albums, somewhere) $45
Life's Rich Pageant
Everybody Hurts
(Promo EP)
Singles Collected (Import)
Strange Currencies (Promo EP)
Surprise Your Pig
(Tribute album, 1992, pretty terrible)
-I found the cases for Automatic For The People, Monster, Out of Time, and Tales of the Reconstruction, so the discs are somewhere.

Just leave a comment with contact info, or email me, if you're interested.

January 14, 2006

First Crawl!

Henry crawled (forward) for the first time today. It was pretty impressive, and it's kinda scary too. It means, officially, that Henry isn't a little baby anymore. No little babies in our house.


January 13, 2006

The Books!

They've arrived! And I don't have a camera to show you!


I took a picture of my stack of books with my camera phone, and emailed it to myself, but it still hasn't arrived in my inbox. So, I still don't have any pictures of my novel to show you. It's very cool, and very strange, to see a stack of books with your name as the author.

January 11, 2006

Words For Baby, on eBay?

I was looking for a list of words appropriate for teaching toddlers, things that they'd understand and be able to use, so I looked up : in Google. On the side were their ads, including:

Words To Baby

Words to baby online
Shop Target.com

Phrases For Kids

Quality new and used items.
Search for phrases for kids now!

Thanks, very worthwhile. This list from lifeprint.com, however, was much more useful.

Birthday on the Horizon

I'm looking forward to my 28th birthday, coming up on the 28th of January, but for some reason it just doesn't seem real. It doesn't feel like it's going to be my birthday soon. I wonder why that is.

Keleigh asked me what I might want as birthday presents, and I really didn't have an answer. People want to buy me things, that's just what you do for birthdays; yet there aren't really any 'things' that I want. I just want time, time to sleep, time to be with adults...that kind of time. I don't need things, I have plenty of things.

(Certainly, there are some 'things' that I would like to have, and I wouldn't turn them away, like a nice snow shovel, but there isn't anything that I really want)

We'll see how things go, maybe over the next few days I can come up with something. Maybe it'll start feeling like my birthday is really coming up, and I can get into the festive spirit. We'll see.

January 07, 2006

I Know I'm a Crazy Man, That's Not the Point

I don't need a hobby. I have plenty of hobbies. I need something to take up all of this extra processing power in my brain. My mind fills itself with useless things if I don't have something requiring all of my brain power, such as this:

Click the graph to see it in it's full glory.

Totally worthless. You know what this graph shows? You don't, of course, because I didn't label it, because I wasn't intending on sharing it with anyone. It's a graph of three series of 50 games of Vegas style solitaire. Yes my good friends, 150 total games of solitaire.

I don't play solitaire for the game, I play it for the graphs that I can create because of it. The game is a side effect. The game is worthless. I want the data. I don't care that I "lost" about $2000 playing this game, it doesn't matter. All that matters to me is that I have a pretty graph, and a table with lots of data.

There really must be some way to put this insatiable drive for data to work, some way to make money off of this. I can't just sit here and collect worthless data for the rest of my life.

You should see the spreadsheets that I have, the graphs that I've made. I'm sure it would remind you of the scene in A Beautiful Mind, where we go out into the woods and find the crazy man's shed with all the crazy paper stuck to the walls. Yeah, I have all of that, it's just tucked neatly away into a folder on my computer.

January 06, 2006

Nifty & Expensive

Personalized M&M Candies, about $38 bucks a bag.

Danger: Bellybutton Ahead!


When you're trying to go to sleep, it would all work out a lot easier if you weren't constantly playing with your bellybutton. I know it's really cool, and it's your ultimate-fun-toy, but let's pretend that it's not there when you're trying to get to sleep, okay?

You see, your naval needs a break every now and then, and I think it deserves one soon. Play all day, but take a break at night.


January 05, 2006

Out of the Football Loop

I totally missed the Alamo Bowl. You know, the football game with Michigan and Nebraska, the one I wanted to watch. Michigan lost, I hear, and there was some bad officiating, I hear. Too bad I missed it. I didn't even know it was on until the day after.

And now, because I'm totally out of the loop, I missed the national championship game between Texas and USC. I knew that game was on, but because I'm not paying attention to college football right now, I completely forgot to watch it. I haven't even looked at the score yet on ESPN.com.

Oh how the mighty football has fallen on my list of priorities.


I just checked it! Holy wiz-bang, Texas won! I mean, yeah, they were ranked #2 and playing the #1 team, but USC was favored, and just about everyone outside of the state of Texas thought USC was going to win. Wow. Geez. I should have watched some of it.

January 03, 2006

Camera Non-Functioning

In another bit of news, I thought I'd let you know that our digital camera is out of commission for a while. If anyone has a smartmedia card (more than 8mb would be appreciated) that they're no longer using, we'd love to have it sent on to us. I'd certainly pay for postage, and maybe even send you a nice thank you card.

There Was Some Confusion

I think that yesterday's post could have sounded like I wanted to be Jewish. That's not the case. It's not that I don't want to be Jewish, it's just that the reference to the people feeling like 'our people' wasn't about their religion. Just to clear things up.

January 02, 2006

What A New Year

What a week! I hurt my back on Sunday night, so I had Ben over on Monday to help, and Brian on Tuesday. Wednesday was alone, but it was the only day like that the whole week. Thursday we had the Mothering Arts gathering at our house, so we had parents and toddlers all afternoon, and had a great time. Then Friday was grocery day, and the kids and I went to two stores instead of one, making for a full day.

Then the weekend started with a New Year's Eve party that had toddlers and parents (the same group). The toddlers all had a great time, and Marion was up until 12:30am. We had a really great time at the party.

Sunday was another party, completely unexpected. We went over to the house of the people that Keleigh is donating milk to, and had a great time there. Their neighbors were having a Chanukkah celebration, and we went next door and met them and their friends. The people were wonderful, and it really seemed like these were 'our' people. These people talked about the things that were important to us, they treated their children like we treat our children, and they seemed genuinely friendly, interested in each other, and right, they just seemed right.

It's been quite a week building up to the new year, and I'm excited about what this year has for me, and my family. I really think something good is starting, and it's exciting. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I was just in awe of all of the wonderful things that have been coming together recently.

Let's make this a great year, we can do it.