December 28, 2005

Feeling Better

My back is doing much better (it apparently was 'just' a muscle strain). I had help yesterday from Brian, and Krista and Kaz are coming over to help today. It's so nice to have a group of people to call on when in need of help. I really makes a guy feel good.

In other 'feeling better' news, I started a short story this morning, and I feel good about it. It's a 'shitty first draft' as I've learned to call it from a book about writing that Keleigh gave me for christmas, and I'm not going to let this first draft out into the public (at least not yet). You'll have to wait on this one, but hopefully the wait won't be too long, as it's not a novel, just a short story.

And to make you feel better, here's an old picture of Marion (at 4 months):

December 27, 2005

And for Christmas I got . . .

. . . a broken back! Then I spent the day after Christmas lying on the floor in the cold next to the fire. Because the electricity was out for six hours.

I'll get back to posting when my back is okay. Thank you Uncle Ben for coming over and helping me yesterday with the kids. It was very cute.

December 22, 2005

Getting Ready for Christmas

December 21, 2005

Siblings in Sweaters!

December 20, 2005

Wacky Day

Monday started like any other day, but it only stayed normal for about an hour.

Around 8am the power went out (snow and ice must have broken a wire). The furnace stopped running due to the lack of power, so I started a fire in the fireplace to keep things warm. We got out a battery powered radio and heard that most of the schools in the area were sending the kids home because they didn't have power either, so we figured it was going to be a while. I went around to our neighbors and invited everyone to come over, because most of the houses where we live don't have fireplaces.

Somewhere around 9am the seven year old from next door was dropped off, and she came to us because her parents weren't home. Marion was quite interested in her, as she normally is, but also slightly weirded out by the experience. After the seven year old started reading books Marion warmed up to the idea, and they played together for the next couple of hours.

Keleigh decided that since she had some vacation time coming, she'd stay home in the afternoon to give me a chance to finish the final revision of my book, so I could send it to the printer. I had a great time doing the editing at The Ugly Mug, a coffeeshop near Eastern Michigan University. The Ugly Mug played great music, and the staff gave me the impression that working there was like working with the people from the Empire Records movie. It was hip, witty, slightly pretentious, and quite certainly a part of the slacker nation. It was everything that I had hoped for.

When I got back home, edits done, Keleigh had done the laundry and the dishes, and the house was in a better state than when I'd left, but things were still weird. Keleigh received a call from the mother of the 3 month old that she's donating breastmilk to, who told her that she was using the milk at a much faster rate than we had planned for. In order to help her produce more milk, she drank lots and ate some oatmeal (high calories, and it helps milk production).

Then, randomly, we were watching the Radio Music Awards, and Snoop Dogg performed a stunningly disorganized rendition of ... well, I'm not sure what it was, I suppose it was a song, but it was terrible. I'm not into hip-hop (or rap, or whatever Snoop does) anyway, but this just seemed to be verbal chaos, in a non-musical way, whereas most hip-hop that I've heard on the radio seems to have some kind of order.

After Snoop, we saw Ricky Martin perform, and he seemed to be getting tired quickly. Maybe he's slightly too old to be the young hip-shaking heart-throb?

And for the finale of weirdness, some woman sang "Santa Baby" (lyrics) to a festively dressed Snoop Dogg. Snoop is not my idea of Santa, in any way, and when she sang "Santa Bizzle", I decided I'd had all that I could stand.

Weirdness. Strangeness. Everything seemed just a little bit off.

December 16, 2005

Speaking of Growing Up

Henry had his first solid food on Saturday, and as you can see from the picture, he's not a big fan of banana (at least not yet).

December 13, 2005

Just Slow Down!

Dear Time,

It has come to my attention that you've now made my son six months old, and my daughter (yes, the sweet little sick girl sleeping on my lap right now) is reaching nineteen months. Due to the speedy nature in which you have caused such a dramatic swing in age (they were very recently only zero months and twelve months), I am asking that you slow things down just a bit.

There's no reason to get excited and to have everyone walking, talking, driving, cell-phoning, going-to-college, just yet. This dad needs a bit more notice before large changes occur, and would like more time in the current stage of life.

Thank you,

December 09, 2005

Lion's QBs Next Season

As you may or may not know (or care), the Detroit Lion's are terrible, and the quarterback situation is a mess. I've been considering guys that I think might be good mid-to-long term guys to come in and play while we're rebuilding (again). I don't often post about real football, but I wanted to get my thoughts down.

QB Possibilities for 2006
Jon Kitna - Currently with Cinncinati. He's 33, so he has at least about five good years left. He's shown that he can play, and he's a free-agent at the end of this year.

Matt Schaub - Currently with Atlanta. He's only 24, but he's shown signs of being a competant QB at the professional level when he's stepped in for Vick. He still has one year left on his contract, so we'd have to trade or pay to get him out of Atlanta. He's not as safe as Kitna, because he hasn't started for years, but he looks good.

Billy Volek - Currently with Tennessee. He's 29, so he's in the middle of Kitna and Schaub. He looked really good in the games that he started (when McNair was injured) in 2004. He has two years left on his contract, and I don't think Tennessee is going to give him up, because their starter is getting old, and he can't be beaten up as much as he is without getting really injured. He's good, but I really don't think we can get him.

December 08, 2005

Sleepy Dad and Noodle Nose

What does a full-time dad do? You might ask, and I might offer these pictures as an example of a typical moment.

Note, however, that this typical moment doesn't typically occur. Much more often you'll find me with Henry in the sling, and Marion asking to go to the potty. Yes, that's a typical moment.

And then, their Momma comes home and starts dropping lasagna on their noses. Henry doesn't seem to mind.

December 06, 2005

Exciting! Astounding! Book Cover!

Click to see the full cover!

Thank you to Keleigh for the design and creation of this very cool book cover, I certainly couldn't have done anything nearly as nice.

December 04, 2005

Big Edits Are Done

I'm done with the first revision of my book, and I'm ready to send it in to the printer. I'm not going to post the revised document (at least not yet) because I want to encourage you to get a physical copy of the book. The revised Sebastian Campaign has a couple of things added to clear up some confusion, and it's generally lacking in spelling and gramatical errors (which is not so in the first draft).

It's exciting, it's fun to read, and it's only gonna set you back $8 (plus shipping if you need it shipped). Email me jlee (at) openappledumb (dot) com with orders, I promise it'll be fun, or at least as fun as a trip to Wyoming (oh yeah!).

I'll probably be sending in the order for books next monday (the 12th), so let me know if you'd like a copy.

December 01, 2005

She & Me & the Kitty

Me: "No no no, that's dangerous."
She: "Meooow"
Me: "Yes, the kitty can climb up there."
She: "Meooow, go, go, go." waving at the cat to get down off the table
Me: "It's okay that she's up there, she's not as big and clumsy as you."

He Can Officially Sit Up

Well, he's sitting up on his own, and I think we can say that it's official as of today. He's been working on it, and doing quite well, for a while now, but now I have proof to show the world.

Henry's Sitting! (the movie 4.2mb)

And a cute picture!