May 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Marion

One year ago, my wife Keleigh gave birth to our daugther Marion, and the world was new. And now I write this with her standing over two feet tall, getting ready to walk, and having changed so much from that day one year ago.

I cannot imagine what the next year will bring. I can't believe it's already been a year. What a wonderful world, what a wonderful daughter.

Thank you Keleigh, for all that you've did in bringing her into this world, and thank you for all that you've done in parenting her.

(And thank you for all that you're doing for baby #2, who's birthday is unknown, but near)

May 27, 2005

Stinking Anti-Virus Software

In the past couple of days my email has been completely whacked out, to the point where I wasn't receiving any mail. Well, I was getting one email over and over again, which I suppose counts as getting -some- email, although it was more annoying than getting none. I couldn't figure out what the problem was for quite a while, but yesterday I got it.

My anti-virus software was stopping my emial program from connecting to the incoming mail server. I found this out because I uninstalled the software. Bingo, right away it worked (and I downloaded all 83 mail messages that had built up).

And I thought...maybe this is the same thing that has made it so I can't listen to Launchcast for the past couple of months.

Launchcast works this morning. I have my music back. Stinking anti-virus.

May 25, 2005

Headlong into Birthday

That's right folks, only six days until my baby is no longer a baby. Once she's one year old the gig is up. She'll start walking, and talking, and picking out her clothes, and dating, and Daddy'll be just a guy that makes her dinner when she's even home for dinner.

I can't believe it's been a year. We have to bake a cake. I'm gonna be such a mess. I gotta pull myself together. I know she's going to get older, that's the way it goes, and the fact that there's a baby in the near future should make the passing of this milestone a little easier...but I don't think it will.

How do you handle the fact that she's not 12 months old, she's one year old? I know people have been through this, and I know people go through it every day, so there has to be some sage parenting advice that can be sent my way.

May 31st rolls around, she's a one year old, and my little baby is now my little girl. There's a lot of great things to come, and I know that I'll love her (and the time we have) just as much as this first year, but it'll still be sad to be beyond the baby stage.

She's my baby girl. She'll always be my baby girl.

May 23, 2005

Big Bran and Garden

In case you missed it, I posted yesterday about getting the garden started. It's not really much of a post, but I thought I'd mention it. Because there's never been a garden here before, I had to dig the sod off the 4' x 10' plot (it's just gonna be a small garden at first). It wasn't too bad, but it's nothing that I'd like to do on a larger garden.

The digging also reminded me that I was supposed to call that 1-800-Miss-Dig number, in order to find out if there were any burried gas lines or anything like that. Oops. Turns out there is a comcast cable line, and you can see it in the picture. I didn't cut the line, but it's gonna be a pain to weed around.

In other news, my recent discovery of a large bran flake in my cereal has brought up what appears to be a larger conspiracy. Check out the comments section of my big-bran post.

May 22, 2005

Starten The Garden (it rhymes that way)

Yesterday we bought a spade, today I dig in the earth. I don't have much time, as it's supposed to rain in the afternoon, so I hope to get working on it early. I'd like to have a plot dug up and ready for a planting session sometime later this week.

I'm excited about the garden, and I really hope that it turns out well. I feel confident about being able to keep the bugs off, but I'm not so sure about birds. If you recall, we've had a lot of birds in our backyard at times. Marion and I will just have to run around back there a lot, to scare the birds away.

I'll try to keep you updated, I'll take a picture today, and every once in a while I'll post another one. Everyone likes to see gardens grow...right?

May 18, 2005

It's About Paying Attention

I don't remember the last time Marion wore a diaper during the day, and (up until this morning) I don't recall the last time she peed anywhere but in the toilet. My daughter is almost one year old, and she is quite aware that people use the toilet to go potty, and not diapers. She's also fully capable of holding off the need to eliminate, for a while, and what's best is that she's started to signal her need to go potty with a certain kind of whine.

It's all about paying attention. Today I'm sick, and Marion has peed on the floor twice, because I don't have the focus that I normally do. On any normal day, we'd be dry, but today my brain is mush.

And I hear people say that babies aren't physically able to control the muscles that start and stop pees and poos. Those people need to stop by sometime, because it's clear that Marion can. There are millions of babies raised without diapers, and they aren't always walking around covered in poo and pee.

May 16, 2005

And Then There Were Two

It's been much too long. I really expected to get this out much sooner, but I was hoping to do it with a big exclimation mark, with a site redesign, or something big and impressive. I haven't put the site redesign together, but as I was thinking about it last night, I realized that I don't need anything else to make this impressive.

Keleigh and I are expecting our second child in late June.

Now yes, many of you already know this from just being around us, but there are some of you that haven't found out yet, and it's time to get it out there. We're excited about it, and it's just crazy that I still haven't posted about this. The midwives are coming for our home visit today in order to make sure everything is set up and we have all of the supplies. If the midwives are already making sure that things are ready to go, my blog should have something about the new baby.

Marion and her sibling will be about 13 months apart, which will hopefully lead them to have a very close relationship. They'll be going through things developmentally and socially as a pair, and I really hope that they're able to help each other along the way. We've heard from a lot of people that are very close to their siblings in age, and almost all of them say that they're still very close to their siblings as adults, and that's great.

Everybody get ready for Baby Lee.

May 12, 2005

Box of Memories

I've come up with something that I think will help me to organize my brain a bit, and help keep things in my memory that might otherwise fade away. I'm going to get a small box, and a bunch of index cards, and whenever I remember something from long ago, I'm going to write it down, and try to put it in chronological order in my box.

It's going to be tricky, to get the chrono-part correct, because I really don't have a good grasp on how old I was when things happened. I remember when I worked for the farmer guy, getting paid $3 an hour to stack bales of hay on a wagon, but I can't really tell you when that was. I remember driving to Cedar Point with Bob, Zim, Annie, Chris...and probably some others, but I don't know when (although I do remember that I still have the belt that I wore). So, it'll take a while, but I can get things organized.

This way, my failing brain doesn't have to be depended upon. I also expect that this will help me to remember more, and that'll help to keep me from repeating the same stories over and over when I get to be 80.

May 10, 2005

Saturn For Sale

Remember when the Saturn was for sale? Well, it really is now, like actually. So if someone you know (or maybe you want to buy it, feel free.

2000 Saturn SL2 - $3942

(yes, 42 because it's the answer to life the universe and everything)

Must Resist

As many of you know, I used to work in radio, both back in college and afterwards in my first 'real' job. I also love to play with sound equipment, so with these two thing combined, and putting together my blogging behavior, one might think that podcasting (a kind of radio/blog mixture, see the link for more) would come naturally to me. And I agree. But I must resist.

I don't have time for it, or at least, I don't think I have time for it. I certainly don't have time to do a blog post and a podcast. Maybe a time will come when I have a nice easy setup that I can record on, but that time is not now, and I don't see it coming up in the near future.

So for now, I must resist. As much as I like the idea of having a 'radio' show again, I need to steer clear.

May 06, 2005

Midwives Help People Out

Keleigh, Marion, and I had the opportunity to go to a presentation entitled "Midwives Day - Celebrating Birth - Past, Present and Future" yesterday. It was a gathering of midwives, labor support people, mothers, pregnant women, and even a handful of fathers, where we saw presentations by Harriette Hartigan (a birth photographer and midwife), and Ina May Gaskin (a midwife and a big reason that midwifery is practiced in the U.S. today).

While I didn't get the chance to hear all of the presentations (I was out in the hallway entertaining Marion, with many of the attending fathers), I enjoyed what I did hear. I think that just being in a group of people that know what we know about birth was really great. I take it for granted sometimes, because we've found friends that had midwife attended home births, but we're in a small (growing) group. These midwives, and the mothers that choose them, have read the research, and they know that a planned home birth attended by a midwife has helps create a positive birth outcome. There's so much built into the medical establishment that has been proven to be ineffective and harmful by research done by the medical establishment that the hospital is a more dangerous place to give birth.

Please, if you're a women thinking about getting pregnant, or you're currently pregnant, or you don't believe me and you think I'm just some crazy man talking about birth, check out this book: The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth (New York: Perigee Books, 1999). It's only $8 (used) at I'll even buy it for you if that's what needs to happen.

I'm so going to be a childbirth activist. These are my babies that are being born, and the babies of my friends and family, and they're too precious to be put in unnecessary danger.

May 04, 2005


We can put men into space. We can download movies onto our home computers in moments (legal movies, mind you, you naughty punks). We've made machines that do a lot of our work, and have made life 'easier'. We've invented the microwave, electric guitar, and effective hair-coloring.

Yet, I can't get a toaster that toasts bread consistently.

Today is Melody Day

I have to put together a melody today. If I don't set some 'deadline', I just won't ever do it, and that's no good for anyone. I've had a couple of lines running through my head for a few days, but nothing good enough that I wanted to keep it.

I was listening to some Def Leppard yesterday (Pyromania, from 1983), and that got me thinking about my songwriting homework from Miguel because he's the one that suggested that I listen to this album. It's not nearly as dated as I would expect from an album from '83 (when I was five years old). I mean, listen to 1987's Hysteria with Pour Some Sugar on Me and Love Bites, and you're drawn back to the big hair days instantly, but you don't get that as much with the '83 songs.

So yeah, back to the melody. I gotta get on that, because I'm a slacker by nature, and slackers don't prosper. Send me your good-melody vibes.

May 02, 2005

Walk Aborted

Well, we went out to take a short walk after Marion took a nap (and a good one I might add), but we turned around after passing just a couple driveways. The sky looked unhappy.

Not more than 40 seconds after we got in the house, it started to hail.

Daddy makes good choices.

Bit By The Bug

Marion has been infected with the won't-go-to-sleep-until-midnight(ish) bug. Somehow, for some reason, the past three nights haven't been any fun. While she normally goes to sleep rather easily around seven, she's decided that sleeping from seven to eight is actually just a nap, and the evening time is for being completely insane.

Then, to make things more interesting, once she does go to sleep, she stays asleep for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and then is up for another hour. So, yeah, not the most restful weekend.

She did, however, stay asleep rather well last night, once she got to sleep around eleven or so. I think the worst is over, which is good because it's no longer the weekend. My plan is to fully amuse her today so she takes only one nap, which should make her plenty tired around six or seven in the evening. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep her sleeping, and get her back to her regular sleep pattern.