April 10, 2007

Marion Has A Goat

Who knew it was possible for a less-than three year old to own a goat? Well, as it turns out, Marion is the proud owner of a goat, who will be raised at Grandma Chicken's (my mom) farm. If I remember correctly, the proceeds from the sale of this goat when it's older will be put aside for Marion (college, car, trip to goat-city? I forget which).

Not many girls around here can say they have a goat of their own. Quite a lucky girl. The first question she asked when she saw the picture was, "Where's Henry's goat?" There's a goat on the way for Henry, it just has to be born.

Marion chose to name it Amalthea, which is the name of the unicorn in The Last Unicorn, when she's turned into a woman. She also said, "Now I sing a goat song; This goat is for me and Henry, the doggies have two feet, and the kitties have two feet, but not this year, cus I have two socks."

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At 8:44 AM, Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I am so jealous.

Cousin Amy

At 8:55 AM, Bob said...

Now you have another kid....

At 11:12 AM, Gammie said...

What lucky "kids"

At 7:50 AM, Grandma Chicken said...

Just one adjustment...it shouldn't be money from the sale of Amalthea, it should be from her prodgene and products. Such as when she has baby goats, they will be sold and then she gets $$$. Marion can also have goat's milk fresh from her own goat. Goat's milk is better for us then cow's milk.

Then, when she turns five years old, she can come up and show her goat at the goat shows with Grandma Chicken!

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous said...

FYI, the Last Unicorn name was actually taken from an earlier goat - so better yet!


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