December 25, 2006

Christmas Revelations

It started last night, telling Marion the story of Jesus' birth, and it ended today with me meditating by the tree, trying to silence my overactive mind. Christmas 2006 was quite different than any before, at least for me.

We're at a new home, we're determining what our family traditions will be, and we're trying to fit into the traditions each side of the families we came from. My sister had to spend much of the past week, including Christmas day, in the hospital. It's hard to buy gifts that are meaningful, and interesting, and worthwhile. It's hard not to be disappointed.

So much.

I just want to quiet my mind a bit. I don't want to be drawn towards diplomacy, and fantasy football, and games, and email, and worthless time-waters. There are too many things pulling at me, and I need to have some focus.

Do what you're doing right now. Plan for the future when you're planning for the future, not when you should be playing with your children. Check on the Monday Night Football game when you want to see what the score is, not when you should be cleaning the house. Do what you're doing.

Meditate. Meditate to help focus the mind, and to keep the mind from wandering so much.

Oh yes, and in the words of my wife, when offering suggests to Marion on where she should use her new watercolor paints: "Don't paint on the cat"


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