November 05, 2006

Just passed 7000

I was behind as of last night (by about 500 words), but I'm making my way back to schedule. I'm currently at 7089 words, and I need to make it to about 8200 by the end of the night. I've been trying to finish by eleven pm, as if I go past that I get too tired and my writing no longer makes sense. I should make it tonight, still an hour to go, and only about 1100 words. What's the math on that? Just over 18 words a minute.

I suppose I should quit writing here. I'm wasting words.


At 10:08 AM, Keleigh said...

8359! You did it! Most excellent. I'm glad the after-dinner time worked out so well for you. Let's try to do that every day as long as the kids are not too tired. 16% and climbing . . .


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