November 11, 2006

Good Day to Write

I'm going to his 20,000 words this weekend. I'm only 2,216 words away, and I wrote over 2,000 today. If I write and write and write, I can reach 20,000 tomorrow (Saturday). That would be exciting.

The story is really going well, better than I expected, and I'm really having a great time putting it all together. The characters almost pulled off something that I wasn't ready for in the last scene, but I got it all figured out, and we're back on track. It even gave me an idea for how to fix a little struggle I've been having with two characters.

Interested in the story? You should be, it's not terrible.
Want to get your hands on some of it? You can, just email me, or leave a comment here.
Want to give me money? Wait (or not, I'll take your money now), and I'll give you a copy of the book.

I still have two unclaimed copies of The Sebastian Campaign (or maybe just one). I'm trying to think of some dramatic and exciting way I can send this off to someone. Maybe a contest, maybe a drawing, maybe as a super-special collectors edition duo-book purchase? We'll see. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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