November 01, 2006

Day 1

It has begun. 503 words, at 1:05am. It's too much dialog and not enough action, but that's one of the great things about NaNoWriMo; there's no time to fix it right now, you just have to write. Here's a section of the first bit, kiddos:

This map may help a bit, note that some names will change slightly.
The small cluster of farmers had grown to be a crowd, and the crowd wasn't any happier with what Halaiden Reluk had to say than the cluster was. Someone barked from behind Halaiden, a stout voice made courageous by the gathered group, "I've more cattle today than last month, and more then since last year. We don't need your revolution." The crowd grumbled agreement, no one wanting to be the face associated with any particular answer. Halaiden caught the mineral scent of sweating humans, and started to speak but held back his initial reaction.
"You, my good friend, do not have more cattle," Halaiden twisted the cinch on his swordbelt tighter, "Anshuar, his Royal Boyness, has more cattle, you're just tending to them. You don't own the land, you don't own the cattle, you don't own your hat. Action. We have lived in this land -our land- long enough to deserve it. The Boy King hasn't set a foot on these islands, yet his eyes are on every deliberation, his whip is upon our backs, his hand is in every pocket. This is our land. We have lived with the Ke'Valdian leader long enough."


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous said...

I, as your fan, look forward to reading your novel as you write it! It was a fun thing to look forward to last November..Break a finger?? What do you say to a writer? Love, Mom O

At 10:44 AM, Keleigh said...

Wow, you over-wrote on your first day! Of course, you did start writing at 12am ;) Glad you're off to such a great start. Enjoy the process, Love.


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