November 30, 2006

50,195 !

It's over. I wrote 50,195 words in 30 days. I wrote as many as 6,361 words in one day, and as few as 300, but I averaged 1,673 words, and that's what it takes to finish.

My 50,000th word was gown. Wee.

I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you read it. I hope you read it and enjoy it, even if it's not your genre, and you only get a fraction of the fun I got from writing it, I still hope you like it. I hope you'll buy a copy, and you'll send it to your friend in Quebec who'll read it too. I hope they don't send it back, so you'll buy another copy.

The hope is to have prints of the book available for purchase in the next three weeks. Please let me know if you're interested in pre-ordering a copy (or three, they'd make great gifts), and I'll be sure to get you on the list. Pre-ordered copies will likely cost less than ordering them after everything is set, so now's the time to send me an email. Here's the address, of course, you should substitute the at symbol where I type (at), and such, there are no spaces in the address. I do this to stop spammers: book (at) openappledumb (dot) com

It was fun. You should write a book sometime. It's not really that hard, you just have to sit down and decide to do it. I have almost zero discipline, I have a hard time staying focused on one thing, and I've never taken writing seriously, and I'm finished with my second novel.

Thank you for all of the cheering and all of the support. It really does mean a lot.

Thanks especially for my wife. Doing this took a lot of time from our life together, and without her taking up the slack, I wouldn't get even 5,000 words. She has given me the opportunity, twice now, to accomplish an impressive task, and I cannot thank her enough. I have learned about myself and grown as a person through the writing of this book, and even without taking into consideration the fact that it's made me a better writer, I have gained so much. Thank you, my dear Keleigh.

Thank you, readers. I hope you enjoy the book.


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous said...

Put me down for three copies! Congratulations again :) Mom O

At 10:48 AM, Keleigh said...

You are welcome, my dear. I knew you could do it, even just after our move and amidst all our instability in adjusting (and kids staying up WAY too late). I have great faith in the human spirit. I know if we can only just commit our hearts to something we can achieve anything. You are a testament to this and an inspiration to us all. I hope I can do well by your achievement in my cover art this week! How long do we have before it goes to print?


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