November 08, 2006

13374, More than 25%

I've written over one quarter of the book now. Maybe it's time to start working towards the end, instead of creating more questions to be answered. I just don't want to be left holding a bag full of questions, and only 10,000 more words to answer them all.

I know, I can always write over 50,000 words, but yikes, I really don't want to go much further. There's only so much juice in my tank, and there's only so much my wife can take of me sitting at the keyboard.

Thanks is due to my wife. This is a crazy thing to do, and she's really helped to make it possible. She deserves a lot of credit for my being able to get this goal accomplished.


At 3:01 PM, Keleigh said...

You're welcome, Love. You're right that it's a tough gift to give up so much of our time together, but I know it's important to you and so I say YAY! We'll always have December . . .


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