September 01, 2006

Old Post Review

I was looking through some very old posts tonight, and I came across this post from April 29th of 2003.

And now, moving on: Keleigh and I went to get our groceries last night. At the grocery store, there is a large display of bananas. They looked like they were bowing down to me, so I raised my arms and spoke to the congregation, "You bananas are the proud followers of me. I am the king of bananas, and I will purchase six of you to bring home with me. Bow down while I make my decision."

Then, when we were in the cereal aisle, I saw a guy with a Kobe Bryant jersey on (he's a basketball player, I suppose he's good, as I know his name, although I do not follow basketball). I said to my wife, "Whoa, that's Kobe Bryant." and the guy snickered. Then I let my wife know, "I'm gonna buy whatever kind of Pop-Tarts he buys." and he laughed, and then like an innocent child, he picked up the cinnamon Pop-Tart box, and I snatched the one right behind it as he was grabbing them.

I'm the funniest guy I know.


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