August 28, 2006

Writer Anticipation

Waiting for the editors of Apex magazine makes it harder for me to work on my next short story. I know I need to keep working, but I'd much rather sit around and wait, checking my email much too often, looking for any response from the story that I sent to them recently.

I need to write, so my hopes don't all rest upon one story. I did send out a very short story to a contest in The Drabbler magazine. A piece of fiction exactly 100 words in lenght is a 'drabble'. The prize is publication and a copy of the magazine. Not much of a prize, but it wasn't much work.

I'm just over 2000 words in my newest short, another sci-fi-ish story, this time about a feud between low-tech and high-tech people. You've heard that theme before, but hopefully you haven't heard this specific conflict. We'll see if I have it in me to get this one finished. I'm expecting it to come in at about 5500-6000 words.


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