August 03, 2006

I'm Writing

Jon was a different man. Jon knew that he was better off without his toes, his legs, and his ears. He was better off without his left arm, and his right arm, and he was sure that he'd be nearly perfect without his torso.

That's the first line of my latest short story. I set a goal for myself to have the first draft done by Friday night, and I think I'm going to make it. I got a lot done yesterday, more than expected, so I'm in good shape.

After the first draft I'll do some revising, and then I'm -going- to send it out to some sci-fi short story markets. I'm very excited to get my first rejection letter.

Although, officially it won't be my first rejection letter. As a little guy I sent out a query letter to Cat Fancy, proposing an article about new litterbox technology, and I did get a rejection. It wasn't fiction though. And it wasn't really the same kind of thing. Ya know...cuz I was a little guy.


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