June 19, 2006

Working is Weird

Did I already tell you that I'm working part time for the company that Keleigh works for? It's wierd. I haven't been in an office to work in about a year and a half, and going back, even for just four hours, is really strange. It's so quiet, and sedentary. I could gain 15-20 pounds easy.

All I've been doing is sitting and reading (learning a programming language; Python). So I sit, I read, I drink water, I eat snacky things, and I go to the bathroom. For four hours. Crazy.

I suppose I'd get used to it again, but it's a system shock for a stay-at-home dad. I'll only be doing this for four months, and I do enjoy the chance to use my logic-brain, but I really don't see myself wanting to be in the office routine again.

I'm glad I found my career.


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