May 04, 2006

Saturn, Gone!

It's official, we're a two-car family again. The Saturn is gone, off the curb and onto someone else's curb. I had $3000 in cash in my pocket for about 24 hours, and then dropped it off to the bank yesterday. It was weird to have so many $100 bills, and kind of scary.

I bought the car for about $13000 in June of 2000, so after selling it, my cost is about $10k, divided by the nearly six years that I owned it...$1666 dollars a year, or about $140 a month (or nine cents a mile!). Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the car's value. It went through a lot with me, as I bought it before I was even married, and now...wee, I'm a big boy now, a real live grown up.

It's going to a good home too, so I can feel good about that. There's some impressive karma going on when I get to meet someone as interesting as they buyer of the Saturn. I really think our families are going to be seeing more of each other in the near future. We have so much in common that it's almost freaky.

Anyway, it's time to get moving on my day. We have the Honda Oddessy (2005), and the Ford Probe (1993), and we're happy with them. I wish the Saturn the best, and I'm glad it's gone.


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous said...

good to park out front now!


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