April 04, 2006

Letterboxing with Kids

Letterboxing, if you're not familiar with it, is kinda like going out on a scavenger hunt. You get clues from a website (www.letterboxing.org), and then you go out for a walk to find the hidden box. Inside is a rubber stamp and a blank book. You stamp your book with the box's stamp, and put your stamp on the blank book. It's fun, in the weird-thing-to-do kind of way. Ed (one of my former co-workers) and I did one of them a couple years ago, but I've been dormant since then.

Things change though, and today Marion, Henry, and I went out to find a box. They had a nice walk outside, and I got to find the letterbox. We saw the geese and swans, and Marion really enjoyed saying 'Hi' to everyone that walked or jogged past us.

Here's a little movie that I took on my phone/camera of Marion standing next to the log where the letterbox was hidden.


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun adventure with DaDa..and fresh air for all!

At 4:24 PM, Tadiera said...

Hey, long-time-no-chat.
I've done a bit of letterboxing (I even have supplies for and have designed some stamps). Mostly, though, my preference lies in geocaching. :)


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