March 18, 2006

Pre-verbal Child Communicates

We've been using baby-sign with Marion since she was a wee lass, and we've found it to be very useful. She's able to tell us when she wants more of something, when she's all done, when she has to go potty, and communicate various other important messages. I haven't tried to take a picture of her signing (I just never thought of it), but I happened to catch one the other day.

She wanted to sing the Ring Around the Rosie song again, but because I was trying to take a picture she thought I was done. So, she said 'more' with her hands. It was very cute, even though she looked so sad doing it.

We took care of it though, doing more ringing around the rosie until everyone fell down.


At 4:17 PM, Momma Keleigh said...

This picture really pulls at my heart. Maybe it's a mom thing? She's so expressive and communicative with her face. It says a lot about how powerful experiences and feelings are from her perspective - even though they may seem trivial to us as adults (why get so worked up over 'ring around the rosie'?). This image is a reminder to all of us to tune in to children and exercise our powers of empathy. Listening to a child and trying to understand his or her point of view does NOT equal spoiling. Authoritative parents who feel threatened by this technique in parenting have power issues. /end rant

At 7:41 PM, Bob said...

That picture is sooooo cute! Plaintive, compelling, irresistible. Boy, are you guys in trouble.....


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