March 03, 2006

Lost to Milwaukee

The Mothering Arts group lost one of our good friends to Milwaukee. Erin and her son James (and their yet-to-be-born child) are moving to the edge of lake Michigan, and far far away from us. Erin's husband captured a great job with Harley Davidson which necessitated the move.

This is the first loss, of the not just-fading-away kind, to our group, and it's pretty sad. Erin is a shining example of joyful parenting, and her presence will be missed at our future gatherings.

Marion will especially miss Erin, because over the past year and a half Erin and Marion have become good friends. It was great to see Marion offering one of her rare kisses to Erin as she left the 'Goodbye' party last night, and it was also very sad. We'll see her again, probably in about a month, but we won't ever get the chance to see her every week.

James is as fun of a toddler as you could ask for, and terribly cute, especially with his new haircut. We'll miss the cool shirts that he always had, and the constant question of "whas this?".

Best of luck, to Erin, James, and Matt, as they create a new life in a new state. May there be moms, dads, toddlers, and babies for them to play with. Thanks for the memories.


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous said...

Erin, (if your reading this)Good Luck with your life journeys new road back north into cold country! Jeremiahs blog even made me cry..I will miss ya and have yourself a little Marion in August! Best Wishes from Grandma in Ohio.


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