March 13, 2006

Like Stillwater

When Marion woke up at 5am and decided, like any find toddler might, that it was time to get up, I got upset. In my adult world, it wasn't time to wake up, it was sleepy time. I shouldn't get upset, I shouldn't get angry, that only makes things worse.

So I thought about someone that doesn't get upset, some kind of codeword that I could switch myself into not being upset, and I came up with Stillwater. I met Stillwater (the Giant Panda) in a book called Zen Shorts which I picked up from the Yspi District Library. It's a beautiful book, with wonderful watercolor illustrations, and a great story. The bear shows us different approaches for reacting to the events in our world, and it makes such sense.

I want to be like Stillwater, unperturbed by the events of my day, and pleased with the outcomes. I can do it, I just have to shift my thinking. I need to visualize myself as a giant panda bear, with lots of compassion.


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