March 13, 2006

Henry at Nine Months

As of 3/13, Henry is nine months old, and he's cruisin' along the growing up path quickly, so I thought you might enjoy a little Henry-review, before we moved on.

He's very mobile now, as he's been crawling for a couple of months, and he's a pro on the stairs. He can go up all of the stairs in our house without help, but hasn't figured out how to go down yet.

He's noisy, laughing, giggling, babbling, and growling like a puppy. It's weird to have this small boy crawling around and growling as he moves past you. It's cute too, and it helps me to keep track of him even when I'm looking elsewhere.

It appears that he's working to catch up on the teeth issue. Henry started getting his first two teeth later than Marion did (I hear boys are generally slower in this kind of thing), and he popped out his bottom front teeth just about a week ago. Two nights ago we noticed that he had a top tooth poking through, which surprised us because it was out of order. Usually this tooth comes in as the 7th or 8th tooth, and here it is cutting in line to number three. Crazy tooth. I'm sure he'll have a bunch of other teeth soon.

And because of all his teeth he loves to stick out his tongue and feel them, which makes for some funny pictures, and keeps him droolling like a madman.

Of all of the things that he does, he enjoys watching Marion the most. When she starts running around or dancing, he couldn't be happier, and once she notices that he's laughing because of her, it encourages her to keep doing whatever she's doing. It's really great to see them interact, and I hope they can continue to bring joy to each other.


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