March 06, 2006

A Fine Open House

We had people, we had many people, maybe not droves of people, but they did overlap at one point. Yesterday we had four different visits (3 couples and one real estate agent), and it was our best open house by far.

The people really seemed to like the house, and one couple asked how soon we could be out of the house. That's a good sign, I believe. It's very exciting, certainly more exciting than the open houses where we didn't have anyone stopping by.

I also had the chance to go over to Touchstone (the cohousing community that we're moving to), and it re-reinforced our decision to move. As I walked from one building to wherever I was headed, I'd always run into someone that I knew, and everyone not only had time to chat, but they wanted to. Certainly this won't always be the case, people will be busy sometimes, but the fact that I already know our soon-to-be-neighbors (moreso than I know most of our neighbors here, after 2.5 years) is great, and I'm excited about living in the community.


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