March 24, 2006

"Bus Me!"

Marion is a bus addict.

We've started taking the bus to get around when we're downtown, and it's been lots of fun for everyone. First of all, the bus that just cicles around the downtown area (a pretty big loop, and it goes to lots of places we want to go) is free, so we can use it whenever, and secondly, the kids love it.

Marion loves to sit and stare out the window as things pass by (and excitedly say 'Bus, Me!' whenever we see another bus), and Henry likes to push the tell-the-driver-to-stop button. I try to limit his pressings to just when we actually want to get off the bus, but I can't always hold him back.


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous said...

What a great daddy to take bus rides with your little munchkins just so they can enjoy the experience! Thank you both for being such GREAT parents to them.
Grandma O


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