February 06, 2006

SuperBowl Report

It was a fine game, with the Steelers winning 21-10. I didn't get to watch as much of it as I'd hoped because a dad's job never ends, but I did get to watch most of the 4th quarter.

I think I'm becoming more empathetic, as I expect is common with parents, because I almost cried at the end of the game. Not because I was sad that the season was over, and I'd have to wait many long months to watch football again, but because I felt some of the joy and relief that the Steeler's coach, Bill Cowher, was feeling. He was proud of his team, happy that they won, and feeling great. I could feel some of that too, even though I don't know the guy at all.

And I think to myself that it's strange to cry at the end of a football game, unless you're on that winning team. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else cry when they were just watching a game. So, huh...I guess that's weird.

He seemed so happy though. I was happy for him. And sad for all of the Seattle players. They'd worked so hard to get there, and they lost. They might never get another chance.



At 9:49 PM, Bob said...

Weepy for "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" yeah, OK, but the Super Bowl? Sheesh..
I could cry when I think about all the CASH they get!!!

At 8:38 AM, MOM said...

Your Grandfather would cry when "Miss America" got her crown! I saw him, everytime!

"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"? I can't beleive someone else even knows about that movie, let alone admitt that HE cried...


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