February 21, 2006

Coffeeshop Kitty

Yesterday Marion, Henry, and I went to the downtown Ypsilanti library, and after we were done Marion said that she didn't want to go back into the car, so we walked around for a little while. We made our way around the block (Marion lead the way), and when we got back to the car Marion still didn't want to go for a drive, so we went to a coffeeshop instead. Henry had fallen asleep in the sling, and we needed a place to warm up.

We stopped into Bombadill's on Michigan Ave, and got a hot chocolate. Marion was a big fan of the whipped cream on top, and started licking it off like a kitty. She looked up at me with a big glob of cream on her nose and meowed.

I caught a video of it on my phone, but I wasn't able to get her to do the kitty licking again.



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