January 02, 2006

What A New Year

What a week! I hurt my back on Sunday night, so I had Ben over on Monday to help, and Brian on Tuesday. Wednesday was alone, but it was the only day like that the whole week. Thursday we had the Mothering Arts gathering at our house, so we had parents and toddlers all afternoon, and had a great time. Then Friday was grocery day, and the kids and I went to two stores instead of one, making for a full day.

Then the weekend started with a New Year's Eve party that had toddlers and parents (the same group). The toddlers all had a great time, and Marion was up until 12:30am. We had a really great time at the party.

Sunday was another party, completely unexpected. We went over to the house of the people that Keleigh is donating milk to, and had a great time there. Their neighbors were having a Chanukkah celebration, and we went next door and met them and their friends. The people were wonderful, and it really seemed like these were 'our' people. These people talked about the things that were important to us, they treated their children like we treat our children, and they seemed genuinely friendly, interested in each other, and right, they just seemed right.

It's been quite a week building up to the new year, and I'm excited about what this year has for me, and my family. I really think something good is starting, and it's exciting. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I was just in awe of all of the wonderful things that have been coming together recently.

Let's make this a great year, we can do it.


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