January 11, 2006

Birthday on the Horizon

I'm looking forward to my 28th birthday, coming up on the 28th of January, but for some reason it just doesn't seem real. It doesn't feel like it's going to be my birthday soon. I wonder why that is.

Keleigh asked me what I might want as birthday presents, and I really didn't have an answer. People want to buy me things, that's just what you do for birthdays; yet there aren't really any 'things' that I want. I just want time, time to sleep, time to be with adults...that kind of time. I don't need things, I have plenty of things.

(Certainly, there are some 'things' that I would like to have, and I wouldn't turn them away, like a nice snow shovel, but there isn't anything that I really want)

We'll see how things go, maybe over the next few days I can come up with something. Maybe it'll start feeling like my birthday is really coming up, and I can get into the festive spirit. We'll see.


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