December 09, 2005

Lion's QBs Next Season

As you may or may not know (or care), the Detroit Lion's are terrible, and the quarterback situation is a mess. I've been considering guys that I think might be good mid-to-long term guys to come in and play while we're rebuilding (again). I don't often post about real football, but I wanted to get my thoughts down.

QB Possibilities for 2006
Jon Kitna - Currently with Cinncinati. He's 33, so he has at least about five good years left. He's shown that he can play, and he's a free-agent at the end of this year.

Matt Schaub - Currently with Atlanta. He's only 24, but he's shown signs of being a competant QB at the professional level when he's stepped in for Vick. He still has one year left on his contract, so we'd have to trade or pay to get him out of Atlanta. He's not as safe as Kitna, because he hasn't started for years, but he looks good.

Billy Volek - Currently with Tennessee. He's 29, so he's in the middle of Kitna and Schaub. He looked really good in the games that he started (when McNair was injured) in 2004. He has two years left on his contract, and I don't think Tennessee is going to give him up, because their starter is getting old, and he can't be beaten up as much as he is without getting really injured. He's good, but I really don't think we can get him.


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