December 01, 2005

He Can Officially Sit Up

Well, he's sitting up on his own, and I think we can say that it's official as of today. He's been working on it, and doing quite well, for a while now, but now I have proof to show the world.

Henry's Sitting! (the movie 4.2mb)

And a cute picture!


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous said...

Wow! Good job, Henry! And I loved hearing his vocalizations on the video/audiotape; it gave me a pang, remembering when Zoe talked like that. They really do change so fast.

Thank you all for trying to make it out for Zoe's party on Saturday. We missed having you here, but we completely understand needing to navigate around the little ones' schedules. I know we'll have other opportunities to dance the hokey pokey!


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