November 02, 2005

Change of Address

OpenAppleDumb, while cute (to me at least), doesn't really mean anything to most people. It's been my web-identity since I switched over from (or was it, I forget) in early 2003. I believe I officially started posting on OpenAppleDumb in April of 2003, which means that I've been at this for well over two years now.

The page, as you currently see it, has been just about the same since October of 2004, when I switched over to using to more easily post. Before that I was doing updates in html every day, and doing too much busy-work to keep things moving. Blogger has been great for making things easier to post, so that's been great.

The change, the big change, is going to leave behind OpenAppleDumb (which will change my email address as well). I like the name, I really do, but it doesn't fit anymore. I need something more daddy-ish, and more understandable. That's where we're headed.

I own this name until somewhere in January (I believe), and I'll make sure to put up a link to the new name once I know what it is. You'll have a few months to update your bookmarks, or you'll be left behind, because will go dead sometime in January.

I'm thinking of making the new blog a tad more secure, by not using full names, not mentioning where we live specifically, and just generally being more careful with information. Marion will be M-, Henry will be H-, Keleigh will be K-, and so forth. Everyone who's been reading will know who I'm talking about, and new people will know too, they just won't know the full names. We live in Michigan, or maybe south-east Michigan.

Hopefully I can move on this within the month, as it's on a limited time schedule. Wish me luck, boys and girls.


At 5:52 PM, Ben's Dad said...

Change your Blog, change your name, grow a beard, do what ever you want. You can run, but you can't hide.....

At 7:26 AM, MOM said...

It is just that kind of people that make life on the web dangerous! They will seek you out and cause you great suffering, beware! :)[wave]

You've got it all wrong...he'd have to cut off his beard.


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