November 07, 2005

Brain Chasm

All of the words that I'm able to write are being channeled into the novel (updated link to the left). I'm getting excited about having this many words done so far. I'm on pace to reach 50,000, as long as I keep writing something like 1738 words a day. I can do it.

So, expect a few less posts than normal, because I'll be writing the novel until the end of November. Please feel free to leave any comments you wish about the novel, I look forward to reading them. I might post some excepts from it as things go on, because that'll be more digestable for most readers.

This past saturday I had the chance to attend the U*Con Gaming Convention, which was loads of fun. I played a couple games that I've never played before (Domaine, which was quite good), and Santiago (which was okay, but nothing special), as well as an old faborite. I also got to play Diplomacy (with just four players), which was -great-. Everyone had played before, and we had a really good time, even though it was only four players instead of seven.


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