November 28, 2005

Anybody Want One?

So, you may have read it, or you may not have, but if you're interested in owning a copy of The Sebastian Campaign, I'd like to know.

The more copies we can pre-order, the cheaper they'll be individually. Here's an estimate, not counting any for myself, and not including shipping to you if you need that:

2 copies - $15 each
4 copies - $11 each
8 copies - $ 9 each *** 7 copies ordered so far ***
10 copies - $ 8 each
16 copies - $ 7 each

I'm expecting that only about 10 copies will be wanted, so they'll probably cost about $8. If you'd like a copy (or two), email me jlee (at) openappledumb (dot) com. Let me know how many you want, and I'll get back to you about the cost in the very near future. I'd like to get them printed soon, but I don't have a date yet for a preorder deadline.

They will be available after the pre-order, but they'll cost more (probably $15 each) and there won't be a bulk discount.


At 7:35 AM, MOM said...

I would like one. I can say I have a son who is an author, cool!

At 8:33 AM, Mama Keleigh said...

Also, I'm working on the front and back cover art now. So if you've read it, and want to have your review quoted on the back cover, please let us know before Thursday!


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