October 04, 2005

Today is Tricky

This is the first day that I've felt like having two children is harder (not just more complicated) than having one. I'm a bit sick, so that certainly doesn't help.

Marion keeps trying to pull the bottle out of Henry's mouth, and is quite upset when I suggest that she doesn't do it. She also really wants to eat the berries that are on the sidewalk from some tree. Not sure what they are, but they're pretty little red berries, and toddlers are attracted to them.

Henry didn't sleep very well for his nap, which made it tricky for me to take a break, and for me to get things ready for the rest of the day. Oh well.

We did, however catch two of Henry's pees in the toilet. I didn't even have to wait very long, just put him over the toilet, and blammo, we have pee.

4:39 update. Childproofing? Marion just pulled one of those electrical plug fillers out of the plug, and put it in her mouth. Yeah, let's choke on that, that'd be fun for everyone. (She didn't choke, it just scared us.)


At 12:58 PM, Ben said...

Duct tape, my friend.



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