September 13, 2005

Two Tid-Bits

Yesterday went well, and I feel pretty good about this second phase of my full-time dad duty. There were a couple things from today that I thought might be worth sharing:

"Are you peeing in my shoe?"
As you likely already know, Marion is mostly a diaper free baby. She uses the potty like a good little human, as long as her daddy remembers to watch her for signs that she needs to pee. Sometimes I miss, and sometimes she pees on the floor. Her favorite spot for these missed potty-tunities is under the dining table. It's a good spot, as it's on the hardwood, and it's pretty easy to clean up. It's also pretty easy to spot her heading that way, and to cut her off if I do see her.

Today though, I didn't recognize that she was ready to go, when she sat down on my shoe (It's just like a little potty), and proceeded to pee. That's fun, fun for the whole family. I dumped my shoe out in the sink, and took her up to the bathroom, where both of us had quite a laugh.

What's this button do?
Marion decided it would be fun to try to crawl up on Henry while he was sitting in his bouncy seat. Well, first thing she does is give him a big push in the tummy, which causes him to let out a big-ol-rocket-fart. Everyone needs a big sister.


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous said...

I received this email - but I think it's for you...

Just for the record, I didn't think your first post sounded "not nice".  I
think it sounded perfectly honest as well as nice!

Tina aka Antique Mommy

Have a good day - LeeMarie


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