September 01, 2005


Another first, another day, another chance to realize that these babies aren't going to be babies for very much longer. Marion's not even a baby now, she's definatly a toddler. She can walk, she can run, she's a toddler. So the big step recenlty was Marion's first haircut. I didn't cry, as I suppose some parents might, but it was probably because haircuts are such inconsequential things to me. I'm not big on hair, so it doesn't really get to me.

I know that you're supposed to save a big chunk of the hair when you first cut it off, but we didn't really cut off that much. I mean, we saved what we could, but it was only about a half an inch, so it's not much to put in a baby book. All we have is a couple of little fluffs. Granted, we only cut some of her hair (just the bits that were bothering her, getting into her eyes), so I guess that we shouldn't expect to have much.

Now though, it's weird to look at her and to see the difference. All of the other changes in her appearance happened so gradually, but this was a shock.

She'll have hundreds of haircuts in her life, costing us (and her) thousands of dollars. She'll wear her hair long, and then cut it short to show herself that she can do it. She'll dye it brown ("It's not brown dad, it's 'blah-blah-blah'"), she'll put in some red, she'll shave it off ("GI Jane who? Who's Demi Moore?"), and she'll ask me to braid it. I look forward to it all.

And, as a special bonus, you can see one of the molars that she's working on in this picture, on the bottom right (her left)


At 1:12 PM, MOM said...

Geez, she looks just like her Daddy at that age! WOW!

At 9:45 PM, Bob said...

Let's hope she doesn't look like her daddy when she's his age! (Especially the beard)


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