September 12, 2005

The Game Plan

Yesterday was the first real football Sunday of the year, and today is the first day that Keleigh goes back to work full time. These are both big events in my life, so I'm putting them together, and I'm gonna make a game plan for today.

The team:
Halfback Henry --------------------------- Middle Linebacker Marion

And then there's me, but I don't get to be in the team photo.

The plan!
If we're tired, we nap, if we're bored, we play. If we're cranky, we go outside (and/or nap). With the help of our hometown fans, we can win this game.

Feel free to call and see how we're doing today.


At 8:19 AM, MOM said...

It would only be a man who could take childcare and turn it into a sporting event :)!


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