September 06, 2005

Building A Community

It's just a house, next to a house, next to another house. It's just people, waving as they pass by on the sidewalk, not stopping to comment about the new landscaping (or lack thereof). House, with people, next house, more people. Cars, bikes, kids, dogs, nothing to connect them. And then you start talking. It starts simply, "Wow, those flowers are great," you say, thinking that'll open things up. It does, and soon you're talking about how important it is that neighbors know each other. We can have a community, we can be more than just strangers that pass each other every day.

There are 154 (or so) homes in our subdivision, on five roads, and until I started walking around with Marion on my hip, we knew the people in 2 other homes (about 2%). Walking around with a cute toddler on your hip really gets people talking. Keleigh and I have been going to our neighbor's homes recently to talk to them about the possible development of the land surrounding our subdivision, and that's really helped us to get to know the people. We have names for 19 (over 12%) of the homes now, and I really feel like we're creating a sense of community in our little corner.

Everyone seems genuinely intersted in talking with us, not just about the development, but about their lives, and our lives, and the community. Everyone seems to say the same thing; they want to know more people in the subdivision, but they haven't met many. We would all feel more connected, safer, happier, and more like a community if we would just talk to each other.

Let's get out and build a community. Let's meet our neighbors.


At 8:48 AM, MOM said...

Sounds good. Why not come together with a block party, or a Christmas party(no gifts), make them potlucks(think of all the great food). You open up your house and then other's might join in too.

Find out who has common intrest and then do something together.

Our neighbors share, borrow, and lend different things. Extra produce(home grown watermelon), storage space(our big barn), books, and sometimes just some bit of information that would help on a project. Just like the old days when people would borrow a cup of sugar. It was partly because they needed to make something and didn't have sugar and partly to stop and visit for a while.

At 9:03 AM, Ben said...

Your subdivision isn't listed yet, but you can change that. I haven't done mine yet because I keep forgetting what my subdivision is called.

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous said...

Marlow and I are so happy to have caring neighbors like Jeremiah and Keleigh.
We would love to join in on the efforts of bringing our comminity together.


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