September 29, 2005

Building Better Men

I had the chance to lead/teach a childbirth prep course for a group of men this evening, as part of a full course offered by the Center for the Childbearing Year (here in Ann Arbor). I had a chance meeting with the midwife that was teaching the course, and we started talking about fathering, and the importance of men in childbirth, and it lead to this. It was a great experience, and one that I hope to be able to repeat.

The participants (which turned out to be three men and the non-pregnant partner in a lesbian relationship) seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to talk with someone that had been in their shoes recently, and to take some of what I've learned and apply it to their experience. I had a great time talking with them, and I really feel like I helped to show them that they can be, and need to be, involved in the birth, and beyond. Men aren't just there to throw footballs once the babies are children, men need to be there to support their partners as they're giving birth, and they deserve to be taught how to best offer support.

I'm no super-dad, but if I can share something with these men, I'm more than happy to. They deserve the chance to be the best father that they can be, and I hope I was able to pass on some of what I've learned. Soon enough, they'll be just as experienced as I am now, and hopefully they can pass on what they've learned, and we can build a better generation of men.

Man carrying babies, men catching their children as their born, men ensuring that their pregnant partners have enough food and water to support pregnancy and breastfeeding, men that are good dads, proud to be fathers.


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous said...

AND you are so all of that! What a great role model you will be for these men.

At 9:26 AM, Hogan Hilling said...

Way to go. I heard about what you are doing from Brian Reid, AKA Rebel Dad. I've been conducting expectant father classes since 1994. Feel free to contact me via Rebel Dad. Ask him for my personal email address. Let's talk.

Hogan Hilling


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