August 17, 2005

Throw a Curveball

Other than the fact that I'm currently playing in a fantasy baseball league this year (and I don't really like baseball), I don't have a reason for wanting to throw a curveball. But I want to.

I remember, back a long long time ago, when I was eating some Wheaties, and the box had Nolan Ryan on it (who happens to be baseball's all-time leader in strikeouts pitched). There was a little cartoon on the box explaining how to throw a couple of pitches. I wanted to be a pitcher when I read that, even though there was a disclaimer that young people shouldn't throw a curve until they were physically mature because it could damage their arm. I threw them anyway, out in the backyard, when no one was looking.

And now I'm a grown man, and I want to throw a curve again. I want to see how fast my fastball goes.

And I don't even like baseball.


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