August 30, 2005

Blogging Buddies

Here's a list, in no particular order, of the blogs that I read semi-regularly. I don't have a 'links' section on this page, which is a problem that I intend to correct in the next redesign (whenever that hits the web), so I thought it would be nice to put up something like this.

Daddy, Make A Picture Once upon a time he was a full-time dad, although he's back to the work world now.

RebelDad You may have seen my "Men who change diapers change the world." t-shirt, this is where it comes from. A great review of the media's coverage of fathering.

Kbanas Kyle is a friend that I met through Ben, he's an excellent writer with a unique voice.

Ramblings of Lefty and Right I used to work with Ed at the University of Michigan. He's a game-player (board games, RPGs, not-video) like I am, and a historian.

Hello Zoe! Baby Zoe, and her mom Rosie, are friends of mine from the 'Mothering Arts' group that I attend on Thursdays. Lots of cute baby pictures here.

The Trixie Update One of the original daddy-blogs. It's not updated very often now, although there is a new cute picture each weekday. I haven't read this one for very long.

ramblings from the city of sin... The author here is a friend from high-school. I used to work with her at McDonalds, now she's out in Vegas, working at a big university and making lots of money. Maybe.

Megalo-Media Meg is a medical illustrator that I met through Keleigh. She's recently moved to Ann Arbor, but we've yet to have lunch. She designed some lovely greeting cards that are for sale on her site

Crackling Pine Farm Journal You know it's a changed world when you link your -Mom's-
blog. Yes, my mom is on the cutting edge, with her blog describing life on a nearly self-sufficient farm.

The Yippy Show I met this guy through a friend in Toledo. He has a podcast (audio-blog thing), and he's an entrepreneurial thinker.

DotMoms I randomly came across this site. There's a bunch of moms that write about the experience of parenting. It's usually quite well written.

Attachment Parenting Blog Another site that I came across randomly. It's usually pretty good stuff, mostly dealing with attachment parenting, and the way that we AP parents interact with our children, and the world.


At 4:41 PM, Megan said...

I just noticed this! You are too nice to post such a thing. :)

And yeah! When ARE we gonna get together now that we're virtually neighbors? Any ideas?


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