August 22, 2005

Big Projects

I have a terrible time getting my mind around big projects. They don't even have to be very big for me to have trouble with them. Anything that might take over 20 mintues, I get chills.

So, it's with quite a look of amazement (on my face) that I can tell you that the Probe has returned from the dead (again). I had the chance to get the belts on today, after a failed attempt a while ago (months?). The belts went on fine, and after a little help from my neighbor, I got the car started. The tires went back on, and it's ready to go. I have to get some air in a tire, and that's it. It should be all ready to be the sexy car that it is. I'm so excited about driving it again, although I won't get to very often, as it's not really a two-carseat kind of car.

Let's look at an old picture of the Probe, to revive our spirits. As soon as it gets a bath, it'll look like this again.

I love this car. It means a lot to me, to have helped to bring it back from such an ugly, broken state to this.


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