July 11, 2005

Busy Bodies

Henry is four weeks old today, and he's busy growing. He's smiling now, quite a bit, and becoming the infant that he'll be for the next 12 months.

We've also really begun elimination communication with him (like we're doing with Marion, they tell us they need to potty, we take them to a potty place), and it's worked pretty well so far. He communicates that he needs to go potty with his face, getting all scrunched up and grunty. We got a pee and a poo earlier today, and he smiled and smiled afterwards. I can't imagine it was in response to the pottying, but there wasn't any other clear reason, and I'm happy to just think that he was pleased with not pooing in his diaper.

Marion's busy too, walking like she's known how to do it forever, and learning about the world of a biped. She's also a bit sick with a chest cold. It's hard on a parent to hear their little girl coughing, and I hope that she gets well soon.

So, that's why I haven't been around in a while. That, and the fact that Keleigh went back to work (4 hours a day, at home) today. It's sad to have her return to work, but at least she doesn't have to go anywhere for another two months. I really couldn't do this without her. Two babies is a lot of work, and I hope that I'll be ready for it when I get them both without Keleigh's help.



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