July 20, 2005

Baby Post Blues

I keep feeling like I should post about something other than my two children...and then I try to write something, and nothing (or at least nothing worthwhile) comes out. Have I, since becoming a dad, been slowly on the path towards being 'only' a dad? I mean, isn't there some witty anti-consumerism thing that I can come up with, or at least something.

It doesn't appear so, at least not right now. I suppose it's not such a bad thing, they are very interesting and beautiful creatures. On with the show, I guess.

Marion at the Natural History Museum

Henry on the Bear Chair


At 9:38 PM, Anonymous said...

We write what we know, we know what we do. These days, what are you doing?

At 7:41 AM, MOM said...

Being a full time parent means that you can't leave your work at the office. All of this is very new yet and the children are very needy at this time. As they grow up you can begin to develop "you" once again, but right now you are helping them develop. That is your first and foremost mission, should you choose to except it, Mr. Lee.

At 2:21 PM, Kyle said...

You have kids?


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