June 27, 2005

More Babies = Faster Time

Henry is two weeks old today, and while two weeks isn't a grand expanse of time, it's enough to amaze me at how quickly time is passing. The summer of Marion's birth moved slowly, with Keleigh and I home from work spending hours just being with our new daughter, but this summer is different. This summer is fast, Henry's growing quickly, Marion's walking, the days are sweeping past like they were little more than hours.

I imagine that second children are like this (I'm a second child). They speed up the process, they make the world spin faster by splitting your attention, by interacting with their older sibling. Marion was an only child, but just for a long moment. It doesn't look like there are going to be many long moments for a while.

This fast life is going really well though, amazingly well. I expected it to be much harder than it has been. Marion seems to have taken the opportunity to learn to walk, sleep better, talk more, and go to sleep & naps easier. I've found that waking early with Marion is nice, because it gives us both some 'together' time where I'm not busy doing all sorts of things. Marion goes to sleep at about 8 o'clock, so from then until Keleigh and I go to bed, we have time alone with Henry. It's quite a setup, and I'm the happy dad.


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