June 06, 2005

Garden | Marion | Songs

The garden works! I mean, I know that it should. I have no reason to believe that the seeds that I put in the ground wouldn't grow to be plants, but even knowing that, it seems magical. Everything has shown it's little sprouts, we have carrots, lots of lettuce, cucumbers, cantalope, and corn, in addition to the broccoli and tomato seedlings that were planted.

I'll have to get a picture up for you, it's pretty amazing. My little 10' x 4' garden is going to make food.

For some crazy reason, Marion slept until 10:40am yesterday. It was very strange, as she normally sleeps until sometime around 7 or 7:30. I had her laying down in the bed that's not really baby-ready (too high off the ground), so I had to sit up there and read while she slept, which wasn't bad, but I was up around 7, and I expected her to wake up just at any moment. I never expected her to sleep 3 hours more.

And in other wonderful daughter news, Marion has officially begun the walking process. She's taken a couple of steps a few times now, and has started to stand on her own. She doesn't typically lean against something and then let go, she just stands wherever she is. Crazy girl. It's really great though, I'm excited.

I wrote two and one half songs last week, which is a massive amount of production compared to what I normally write. My plan is to work on them with Ben before I actually post any sound files. Hopefully if we put our musical minds together we can create something better than either of us could make seperately.

I'm trying to vary my songs' chord structures, as I tend to get lost in the G-C-D-Em chords all the time. One song is A-C#-F#m-E, which I've never done anything like before. I like the way it sounds, but I'm having some trouble getting to a chorus.


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