June 15, 2005


Everything is moving right along. Henry is doing wonderfully, he's really opening his eyes and taking in the world. Marion is very interested, wondering what happened to Momma's belly, and who this new interesting baby is. She keeps offering to share, diapers, food, toys, cell phones. She's going to be a great big sister.

Marion's sleeping better too, as if in response to our need for her to do so. It's time honey, time to rest more, your parents need it. She knows that we need to spend energy on other things now, so she's spending more time playing happily by herself. She's such a big girl now.

And Henry, he's such a little guy. What a great addition to our family. I have a son.

I can't imagine what fun we'll be having in the years to come, it's all such a dream to me right now. To be a father to a son, it's such a big job, and I really hope that I can do it well. Right now though, it's time to start. Time to bring this boy another day into the world, and show him love, and teach him that being a man doesn't mean that you have to be cold, men can love, men can express themselves, and it's okay. We can be tough too, but there's a time for that, and it's not right now.


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous said...

. . . It's a boy! Congratulations to the Lee Family. Looking forward to a visit. Just let us know when your accepting guests. We promise not to stay too long and can bring food . . . your friends in Alma . . .

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous said...

what loving and sweet pictures of Baby Henry! How lucky is Henry to have such wonderful parents and kind sister... we wish you all the best...
love, Carol (who shares Henry's birthday), Scott &
little boy Chase (13-months)


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