May 04, 2005

Today is Melody Day

I have to put together a melody today. If I don't set some 'deadline', I just won't ever do it, and that's no good for anyone. I've had a couple of lines running through my head for a few days, but nothing good enough that I wanted to keep it.

I was listening to some Def Leppard yesterday (Pyromania, from 1983), and that got me thinking about my songwriting homework from Miguel because he's the one that suggested that I listen to this album. It's not nearly as dated as I would expect from an album from '83 (when I was five years old). I mean, listen to 1987's Hysteria with Pour Some Sugar on Me and Love Bites, and you're drawn back to the big hair days instantly, but you don't get that as much with the '83 songs.

So yeah, back to the melody. I gotta get on that, because I'm a slacker by nature, and slackers don't prosper. Send me your good-melody vibes.


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